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What Is Powerhouse?

Powerhouse is the ultimate source for gaining the empowerment you need to leave your mark on the world for generations to come. It features a powerful 8 week course called the "Powerhouse Academy", designed to help you take hold of your passion.



"No Business Plan"

You don’t have to have a plan developed before working with us. We help you build your confidence, mindset, get over the fears and launch that big idea.

"I Can't Afford It"

We can afford what we want and will make a way to pay for it. I know it's hard to invest in yourself but imagine the price you will pay for not pursuing your dreams.

"Not The Right Time"

There is never the right time to do anything and there will always be something going on in our life that will make us say that over and over again.

"Powerhouse is the ultimate opportunity for women to step into their authority and take on their goals and dreams!"

LaToya Fernandez, Author / Educator / Activist